How do I know if I have pigeons?

If you have a pigeon problem, you will be able to easily identify them by sight as they are active during the day. They are noisy and will leave droppings.

Do pigeons pose a health hazard?

Pigeons can carry diseases and parasites which are easily passed on to humans.

Can they cause damage?

Pigeon droppings and nesting materials can cause serious damage to buildings and vehicles. For example nests can block drainage and ventilation systems and their acidic droppings can damage automobile paint and even roof shingles causing leaks. Pigeons may also cause structural damage to buildings in an attempt to gain entry.

How can I prevent pigeons?

Visual deterrents such as replicas of owls and hawks can be effective but usually only temporarily as pigeons adapt quickly. Regularly changing the type of repellent is the best solution. Make sure your home is free of any food source for them.

How can I get rid of pigeons?

Your local PCO Service and Products Centre has products developed for the control of pests such as pigeons. They can also help you prevent future invasions by offering professional pigeon exclusion options.