How do I know if I have skunks?

Skunks can easily be identified by their odour. They may also cause damage by digging holes in the yard or raiding garbage cans.

If I smell skunks, does that mean one is nearby?

Not necessarily. Their smell can travel several kilometres and you may, for example, smell one if it has been hit by a car in the road.

Are skunks dangerous?

Normally, skunks present no danger as long as they are not provoked. However a rabid skunk can be very dangerous to you or your pets. Stay clear of skunks that are active during the day or appear aggressive.

What can I do to keep away skunks?

Secure your garbage and keep your property free of lumber and debris. Fences buried .5 m deep can prevent skunks from entering your property.

How can I get rid of skunks?

Your local PCO Service and Products Centre has products developed for the control of pests such as skunks. They may use techniques such live trapping or skunk repellents.

Please vaccinate your pets against rabies.