Can squirrels cause damage to my home?

Squirrels can damage your home first by trying to gain entry by chewing holes in the exterior and then by nesting in attics where they can chew wires and damage insulation. They can also cause damage to lawns and landscaping as they scavenge for food by burrowing in the ground, chewing on the bark of trees, and eating tree fruits and nuts.

Are squirrels dangerous?

Squirrels can carry parasites and diseases which can be contracted by pets and humans. A mother squirrel can be very aggressive and protective of her young.

What are their breeding habits?

Squirrels breed twice a year and will sometimes maintain multiple nests. In the wild, a squirrel will live 3-6 years but in an urban setting they can live as long as 20 years. Some species of squirrel hibernate during the winter and will be looking for a place such as a tree or attic to nest.

How can I prevent squirrels from nesting in my home?

The summer is a good time to take preventative measures as squirrels will often find attics too hot to stay in. Be sure to identify and block easy access points to your home such as chimneys and open vents. Tree limbs overhanging the roof should be trimmed back to prevent roof access for squirrels. You may consider removing tempting food sources such as bird feeders and garbage cans.

How can I get rid of squirrels?

Your local PCO Service and Products Centre has products developed for the control of pests such as squirrels. They may employ a variety of methods from live trapping to habitat alteration. They are trained to remove adult squirrels as well locate and remove any nests or abandoned young. They can also help you seal entrances to your house to prevent them from returning. It is not advisable to try removing squirrels on your own as certain species are protected under the wildlife act in Ontario. Please contact a professional first.